Marketplace for aviation
Software Developer
Project info
At SkySelect I was part of a small team building a marketplace for aviation business. Aviation companies could place their orders on the platform and selected suppliers could make their offers. As the backend was mostly written in PHP and I'm not familiar with it, I was working with the frontend most of the time. Though some parts of the frontend were legacy code written with quite old technologies like jQuery and AngularJS, a lot of time I was working on the new shiny frontend written in Vue. It was the first time for me when I had a chance to write production code using this framework and now my circle of 3 popular frameworks - React, Angular and Vue is complete! And that's the moment where I can clearly see the difference between 3 of those. Here with Vue we had a full-blown features development, including Storybook and vue-test-utils unit-tests for most of the components, also covering pages with E2E-tests in Cypress. At some point, we upgraded from Vue 2 to Vue 3 which was quite a big project on its own that we've successfully completed. Finally, that's the place where I had the biggest responsibility so far. Quite often I had to make decisions regarding frontend architecture, libraries usages, development approaches, etc.