Autonomous negotiations
Senior Software Engineer
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When I was leaving SkySelect, my main goal was to get out of comfort zone. And during my first weeks at Pactum, I understood that not only I was able to achieve that, but in fact got too far from it. It starts with the fact that Pactum is very different from the companies where I’ve been working previously. One of the reasons is ambition. Ambition of both company and people who work there. I worked with different people in different teams, but I’ve never seen such striving towards company’s success. In return, I have never seen so many small and big success stories in such a short period of time. Speaking of engineering part, this was rather unusual experience as well. I had a chance to work on many, really many different project within Pactum. Every time it’d require me to change context, which was interesting and exhausting at the same time. But at the same time, other engineers and managers were extraordinarily smart people who’d always be there to help and support teammates which eventually made it possible for people to adjust to a constantly changing environment. Speaking of responsibilities, they were almost unlimited for software engineers. One day it could be changing the color of a button, another day it involved renaming a production database and so on. And all this happens within a rather complex architecture which requires understanding from each person who works with it. Long story short, I feel that I was able to boost my engineering skills a lot. And thanks to the company in general, I think I was able to change the angle from which I’m looking at things.