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Rambler & Co.
Junior Engineer of Client-side Applications
Project info
It was suprise for me when I got job offer at Rambler. Shotrly, this is one of the most known IT companies in Russia with more than 40 different projects. Company had about 2000 employees in different cities. I was assigned to Autorambler as a Frontend engineer. I started with supporting existing version that was written in Backbone. I have never had experience with that framework, but quickly got into it and started to do my work. This company was big and had strict processes, here I faced Jira first time, understood what is development methodologies (we used Kanban), started to do code review. Several months later it was decided to switch to Single page application with AMP and SSR support. I learned really a lot from this project. Mostly thanks to our team lead who was quite smart person and shared his knowledges with people around him. Also every week we had inner conferences, one some of them I was a spokesperson telling about different topic like JS memory leaks, Typescript, etc. Thanks to this company and experience I obtained there, I was able to found my first job abroad, in Estonia.