CRM and application for clients
Software Engineer
Project info
MYJAR is a financial organization which works with the short term loans. This company helped me to become a real Fullstack Software Engineer! Before coming here, I was familiar with Frontend and Backend only, but here I understood that development goes far beyond these two. The projects itself were CRM for our employees who was communicating with customers and application for the clients. One of my first tasks was to automate installation and setup of Vagrant machine using Ansible. So it helped me to understand what DevOps guys doing and consider using these technologies for my own projects. Worth mentioning that there are no frontend, backend developers or QAs, every developer is a software engineer. It meant that I had to develop both backend and frontend, write automated tests, test new code and do the whole cycle of the feature development. I came to this company during the process of updating legacy code, so I was able to code at PHP, AngularJS, Angular, NodeJS. This was the first time I had to have 4 opened projects at the same time which was awesome feeling! :)